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Airplane Above the Clouds

ATPDR, ATPRR, APPR and US DOT Compliance

Provide an assessment of how current policies and procedures measure up against existing regulatory requirements and provide recommendations to achieve compliance. We will also can provide a turnkey solution for knowledge based documents, training and templates for any new carrier or one looking to outsource regulatory complaints. 


Website accessibility assessment 

Our team will access the degree of compliance of the current website with the W3C AA standard. We will review, provide support, recommendations and continued guidance for each new enhancement to your business or sites. Our review panel is able to complete in multiple languages, including mobile, web and social networks. 


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Accessibility, APPR and Sensitivity Training and material review

Provide the opportunity for compliance with ACA and ATPDR obligations to ensure persons with disabilities are fully engaged in the review and development of applicable training materials.
We will ensure our sensitivity training meets your company standards for both employees and consumers. 


Business Brainstorming

Accessibility advisory committee 

Provide an opportunity for compliance with ATPRR and ACA obligations to ensure persons with disabilities are engaged in a formal advisory committee with the federally regulated entity client.


Reporting requirements (5 year strategic plan and frequent progress reports)


Provide an opportunity for compliance with the ACA and ATPRR in terms of developing and delivering on the stated regulatory reporting requirements.

Business Consultation

ATPDR consultation submission 

Assist in preparing comments on behalf of the client when the opportunity to provide input is available for current and future government policy consultations on accessibility related matters.

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Teleconference service 

Services (and fees) vary depending on the type of teleconference services requested.  Options include:

  • Hosting and moderating;

  • Captioning for the hard of hearing;

  • Notification of conference to participants;

  • Maintaining a database of the registrants and participants;

  • Bilingual accommodations;

  • Recording of the conference, and / or;

  • Producing a report to be circulated to the client.

Airplane Above the Clouds
Work Environment

ATPDR - Accessibility building and site evaluation

We will ensure your site meets and exceeds access requirements with RHFAC Professionals. Our goal is to ensure all buildings pre and post meet universal standards. This includes all federal, provincial, municipal buildings including airports, aerodromes, rail, water vessels and private sites. 

Summer Vacation

APPR Compensation 
Our experts will not only ensure you receive your flight compensation, we will also act on your behalf between the CTA and the transportation provider (for both air and rail) to ensure you receive your compensation and any refund  reimbursement as per the CTA APPR:


Accessibility complaints

If you as a consumer have a disability complaint, we will act on your behalf to resolve your concerns between the CTA and the transportation provider (including airports) in accordance with government regulations: We will address any concerns, policy and procedures, and recoup any funds or compensation as applicable. 

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